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Double Your Trading Account With DailyBot SSI – EURO

dailybotssiThese two colombian forex social traders has been providing their trading signals on Zulutrade for 111 weeks and during that time they earned 4,613 pips of profit which would easily more than doubled your trading capital.

DailyBot SSI- Euro is currently sitting on third place among top forex traders on social investing network Zulutrade.

Their strategy description says following:

We are computer scientists and our system is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm. We use Daily FX’s SSI (Speculative Sentiment Index) to “train” our system. The maximum stop loss for every trade is defined on a per trade basis and is between 20 and 120 pips, it is never modified after the trade is open.We recommend you to allow 5 or 6 open trades at the same time with lower leverage rather than allowing a single high leverage trade. We issue that recommendation because, as you can see in the trade log, it is common for our system to open 2 or 3 simultaneous trades, with one of them being highly profitable and the others hitting the stop.Please NEVER leverage more than 1:2 (i.e. 1 micro lot for every $2000 in your account) for any single trade.

From what I´ve seen they keep their word and do not use bigger stop losses. However, their max. open trades is currently 8, so allow that number of trades to be open if you decide to copy these guys.


Equity chart looks very good. Profit and drawdown lines are glued together which suggests that you do not need to be scared of huge drawdowns. According to Zulutrade their max. DD was 4% only (or 207 pips).

I think that DailyBot SSI- Euro has been proven by almost 2 year of trading on Zulutrade and if you copy their trades there are chances you can double your trading account in next 2 years.

Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future profits. Therefore don´t invest money you cannot afford to lose.

P.S. Did I say in 2 years? There is a guy who claims he can turn $10k into $1.3 million in 2 and half years.

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