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Dluginacci´s $100 To $10,000 Forex Trading Challenge Update (December 2014)

dluginacci-photoCouple of weeks ago I have posted a article about interesting forex trading challenge $100 to $10,000 by Dluginacci.

Today I would like to update you a little bit. There are hot discussions on eToro regarding this popular investor and his trading challenge. Here is just a one of them:

Dluginacci wrote:

Happy Friday everyone. One not so well week, again, but as I told a few of you already: I have been in these phases a million times and always managed to come out bigger and stronger. A little bit of patience and a cool head is necessary to get it done – and I have both.

However, for all of you who stick with it: You will be surprised what a little bit of patience and discipline will pay you back. As I mentioned before, I am planning to finish this project (100 to 10k) by beginning/mid of 2015.

Now quick not about the open positions: $USDCHF is a D1 trade. It may be stuck for a couple of weeks but aims for a couple of 100 PIPS. Call it sluggish and don’t pay it too much attention as it’s calculated on a DAILY bar.

$AUDUSD is a H4. Strong sell signal and probably in the portfolio for 1-3 weeks. Everything less is well appreciated.

And here are some of reactions:

ElySolano: “100 to 10k is equal to 10% per week for 50 week. That’s not impossible.

Mikjurado1: “The biggest problem of copiers is that they put their money in a person that don’t show his experience at least two years!!! Welcome to Forex copiers, you will cry that you’ve never cried!

NDavies: “risk to reward ratio, if it works you make loads , if goes wrong you lose a small amount , this is key.

Aweinberger: “..that is why the sl is set. One of my points of great comfort from Dlugi’s strategy – the losses are buttoned down and exactly calculated when the trade is opened. Unlike other traders who increase and increase sl further in to the red

FxChartist: “really ambitious project…to be finished by mid. 2015…ok..I started to copy with $100 to see what will happen

toner22: “The explanation of Michael’s trade is on his website, it is logical and clear. Take it or leave it. Next week they will be asking for his shoe size. 

As you can see, Dluginacci´s trading challenge attracts both positive and negative opinions. Read full discussion here or if you are up to challenge yourself, autocopy Dluginacci with $100 and wait one year to see if your money can grow to $10,000.

Note: To better update you in future anout this trading challenge, I have started to copy Dluginacci with $100 virtual money on demo account. I will post performance details of this “investment” in couple of weeks.

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