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Declan Fallon vs. StrategicTrader: TripleAFund Update #5

TripleAFundOnly 7 days ago I have published my last TripleAFund update about being profitable and here I am again with some breaking news about my copy trader portfolio.

Today I decided to uncopy StrategicTrader. Altough I like his trading style and performance and despite the fact that he has made me some profit so far I simply had to do so.


Well, StrategicTrader´s style is to open many, many small positions at the same time. On my trading account I used to have around 50 open trades from him. Nothing wrong with that. It is how he trades and he trades very well this way.
Unfortunately, my current money allocation doesn´t allow me to copy all his open trades and therefore some of them do not appear on my account at all. That could possibly affect my copy results in negative way, so I decided to stop copying StrategicTrader for now. I might come back to him in future.

Who will  take StrategicTrader´s place in my TripleAFund people based copy portfolio?

Well, this is easy. Recently I made an interview with Declan Fallon alias Fallond .
I really like his trading style and therefore I didn´t have to think twice before adding him in my copy trading fund.

Here are key points why I like him:

1) Diversification

Declan trades everything “that moves” on eToro: Currencies, Commodities, Indicis and Stocks. Currently I copy Tom Willacy who is solely stock trader and 4exPirate who mainly trades currencies.
So someone who often trades commodities and indicis will be a great add-on to the portfolio

2) Cool risk vs reward ratio

Although his winning ratio is only between 30-40%, he is profitable long term. That is because he opens trades with small risk (which means he is stopped out often) but when his trades are profitable, his gains are 2,3, 4 or even 5 times bigger than his losses. In his interview he mentions that even though he had 10 or 20 small losing trades in a row, absolute loss on his account was only 6%

3) Trading experience

Declan has 13 years of experience as an investor and 3 years as active trader. That sounds good.

These were 3 key factors behind my decision to copy Declan in my TripleAFund people based portfolio.

My current TripleAFund portfolio:

1) Tom Willacy
2) 4exPirate
3) Declan Fallon
4) Also from time to time I also trade manually myself

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