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Dawid Kowalski (4exPirate) – Forex Trader of the Year 2014

DawidKowalskiOne year and one month ago I have published a short article about Dawid Kowalski alias 4exPirate.

The article was named: Forex Trader of the Month: 4exPirate on Etoro OpenBook.

Today I have reviewed Dawid´s trading performance again and I was pleased with what I saw so much that I can without doubts say that 4exPirate is the Forex Trader of the Year 2014 on eToro.

(of course, it is just my personal opinion).

To support my above statement I would like to show you a comparison of Dawid´s performance one year ago and today.

October 28th,  2013 performance:

Profit: 75,3%
Number of followers: 2,079
Number of copiers: 279

December 14th, 2014 performance:

Profit: 126%
Number of followers: 32,339
Number of copiers: 1,741

Performance chart:


Performance chart one year ago:



Just look at his equity charts. They are still growing nicely and steady a his profits are achieved almost without drawdown. Also blue total equity line and green realized equity line looks like glued together.

And I have to repeat my last words from previous article:
As I said, 4exPirate has already became one of my favorite traders on eToro and also Zulutrade. I think that if he can keep his performance in future he will become on of the most copied forex traders.



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