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Dale Rex Doust (Trex8u247) – Most Consistent Trader on eToro?

Copy trade feature of forex social trading network eToro is a wonderful thing that can save you a lot of time and make you money at the same time.

However, there is also a dark side of forex social trading that can ruin your trading budget if you are not very careful.
It is very easy just to choose etoro top earners who made 100% or 200% profit last year, follow & copy their etoro signals and look forward to becoming an etoro millionaire in couple of years.

But believe me, it isn´t that easy at all.  During many years I monitor top forex traders on eToro, I have seen most of these “top earners” bust their trading account.

One of the best etoro tips and tricks to make money in a safe way is to pick a social trader who is consistently profitable for many years. To do that you simply have to look for copy trader who´s trading record is long enough.

dale rex doust


To save you time, I have found one for you. It is Dale Rex Doust, social trader from South Africa. His trading nickname is Trex8u247.

Check his trading record on the following screenshot and you´ll immediately understand why I recommend this social trader.


top forex earner



Impressive, isn´t it?

Dale started to provide his etoro signals in december 2013.  His first month was almost 12% in profit.  His next 3 years were very profitable: 28% in 2014,  32% in 2015, 11% in 2016 and Dale´s YTD earnings are 48%.

Social trader Dale Rex Doust is one of the most consistent popular investors on eToro and the best thing about his trading style is that he made these beautiful annual profits in a very safe way. Take a look at his risk score. It is only 3 out of 10 scale. Also his yearly drawdown is very low, only 4,3%.



No surprise that with these trading results Dale has very quickly became one of the most copied popular investors on forex social trading platform eToro.

Currently there are 4,348 eToro members  following and copying his trading activity. And I think this number will only grow if Dale will continue to deliver these outstanding returns while maintaining his low risk trading style.




in 2017 social trader Dale has executed 98 trades. More than 85% of them were closed in profit. Another positive thing about Dale´s strategy is that he maintains a very healthy risk vs. reward ratio. Average profit taken on his trades is 7,84% while average loss his only 2,80%.

According statistics, Dale´s most favourite assets for trading are stocks. Those are traded in 78%. From time to time he also trades cryptocurrencies. It is only 14% of his trades. Rarely he also executes ETF trades.



Dale is not very frequent trader, on average he only opens 1,7 trades every week.  Also, on average it takes about 1 month till he closes his trades.

Last words:

If you are looking who to copy on social trading platform eToro, I believe that a profitable streak that is 5 years long is a very good reference for Dale Rex Doust and you can safely copy him.

Warning: Trading carries risk. Only risk capital you are prepared to lose. Past performance in not an indication of future results.

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