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Cynthia1000 Review: Hot Brazilian Forex Girl Trader Or Just Lucky Newbie With 760% Profit?

brazil-hot-girl-forex-traderToday I have noticed one really good looking eToro trader. Cynthia1000 is not only an attractive brazilian woman (at least according to her profile photo) but also her trading statistics are very impressive.

Imagine, her profit for last 30 days is 767%!

Cynthia1000 started her eToro trading activity at the beginning of April 2013, so the question that comes to my mind is: “Is this Brazilian Girl really that hot forex trader, or has she only be so lucky so far?”

Well, this question will be answered by her performance couple more months later. For now, let´s analyze her trading style a little bit.

A brief look at her statistics tells us that Cynthia1000 is a very active trader. Only during last month she closed 646 trades!  If she wasn´t trading on eToro but on some other social investment network like Zulutrade, I would suppose she uses some kind of EA (expert advisor) or trading robot. But she doesn´t even copy other traders, all her trades were 100% manual.
What is even more striking is that her winning ratio is 95%. That means only 5% of all trades ended with loss.


Regarding her risk and money management, we can say she is a medium risk trader and she risks only 2.2% of her trading capital per single trade. Average hold time of her trades is around 12 hours. She trades currency pairs mainly, altough there were some gold and silver trades. Cynthia1000 achieved best results with GPB/USD and USD/CHF pairs.
Her performance attracted more than 3000 followers and 887 people already copy her trading activity.

So, Cynthia1000 has done very well so far. We are looking forward to watching her trading progress and will update you after some time.

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