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“Cycle et Nature” Zulutrade signal provider disappointing performance – My Zulutrade portfolio (week 3 update)

French Zulutrade forex signal provider Bertrand with alias “Cycle et Nature” disappointment.

“Cycle et nature” trader changed his trading strategy and broke his own trading rules.

This is my 3rd week of my Zulutrade paper copy traders portfolio experiment. I have decided to remove one of my favourite forex Zulutrade signal providers, namely; “cycle at nature”. Removing “Cycle et Nature” forex trader from my Zulutrade portfolio was painful but I had to stick to my own portfolio rules. I had to accept big loss, which I believe it is much better to take 500pips loss right now than wait for Bertrand recovery and risk suffering couple of thousands pips drawdown later.

This week, I also have decided that I would be creating video updates in addition to publishing only text updates. This would give you a choice, should you wish to watch the following video or should you prefer to read transcribed text below.


OK, firstly a short summary from previous 2nd week, during that week I had been following 5 Zulutrade signal providers, namely;

Cycle at Nature, Forexray, Beyonder, PooTumVV, Mambo Trading

I had suspended Absolute Piper because of his changing trading behaviour. Last week was difficult, because Forexray trader experienced a big loss of 235pisp, also Beyonder some small losses around 31pips. PooTumVV was not trading at all that week, the same with Mambo Trading, but he was still holding opened position with loss of around 44pips. All time profit of my Zulutrade testing portfolio after 2 weeks was negative -182,10pips, which corresponds to -$18.23 USD loss.

Click here: To read in more details about 2nd week performance of my Zulutrade testing portforlio.

Well, let’s see what happened during last week, which was 3rd week of running my Zulutrade portfolio performance experiment.

Let’s start with reviewing and analysing French Zulutrade forex signal provider “Cycle et Nature” trading performance.

When looking at “Cycle et nature” trader main statistic page, first sight and impression is not very pleasing. We can notice big -488.8pips drawdown.

Cycle et Nature Zulutrade forex signal provider basic statistics for week 3

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into more detailed “Cycle et nature” statistics and see what exactly happened, since last week.

In table below there is one trade executed and closed from the beginning of week before. This trade is highlighted and as we can see Cycle et Nature had experienced -72 pips loss on EUR/USD pair, which was opened on Monday,

Cycle et Nature trading history during 3rd week on zulutrade

Let’s see Cycle at Nature current open trades, Ooops….. well, this is something why I had to consider removing Cycle et Nature trader from my Zulutrade copy portfolio.

As we can see on the image below, this French trader is using martingale strategy (also known as Averaging Down strategy)

Firstly, he opened position on EUR/USD pair at 1.0756, then when market moved against him he opened another EUR/USD position at 1.08062, as market continued to move against him he opened third EUR/USD position at 1.08785

Signal provider Cycle et Nature zulutrade current opened trading positions during week 3

Also, I do not like that “Cycle et Nature” Zulutrade signal provider is not using any Stop Losses. Therefore and unfortunately, I had to remove this zulutrade signal provider because he is changing his trading strategy and as you can see “Cycle et Nature” forex trader is experiencing much bigger drawdown than usually.

1st big drowdown from 2386,80 on 16th March 2015 down to 1951.10 on 18th March 2015

First big drawdown - cycle et nature zulutrade signal provider

2nd big drawdawn is even bigger from 2539.30 on 20th of March 2015 down to 1828.50 on 3rd of April 2015

Second big drawdown by Cycle et Nature

Additionally, I am very disappointed with French forex trader “Cycle et Nature” even more, because in his strategy description on Zulutrade Bertrand says;

“I am only taking a position at a time. For each position I set a stop loss of 200 pips.”

Cycle at Nature trading strategy description on zulutrade

If the above statement was true, then the trade opened on 1st of April 2015 at 19:33:38 should already be closed long time ago.

French signal provider Cycle et nature not using stop losses on zulutrade

Basically, there are 4 main reasons, why I should remove Cycle et Nature forex signal provider from my Zulutrade copy traders portfolio.

Reason number 1:
Bertrand failed to stick to his Strategy Description published on Zulutrade.
There are currently 3 opened trades, and historically there were 4 open trades at the same time, this contradicts the statement: “… only taking a position at a time …”

Reason number 2:
Cycle at Nature signal provider not only does not keep his promise to limit stop losses to 200pips, but he actually is not using Stop Losses at all !!! No Stop Losses at all.

Reason number 3:
Using Martingale like strategy. This is when adding new positions to those opened positions which are already looser. Usually this is a recipe for huge disaster, because sooner or later catastrophic drowdowns might be experienced, if the trend keeps moving rapidly against those opened current positions on EUR/USD currency pair, resulting in extending even further already substantial existing losses.

Last month there were 400pips move on EUR/USD pair within couple of hours. Let’s imagine if such a strong trend happens again now. “Cycle et nature” forex trader already suffers almost 500 pips loss, with his 3 loosing positions still opened. If there would be additionally 400 pips sudden move against direction of his opened positions, it would contribute to additional 1200 pips drawdown. Resulting in total drawdown of nearly 1700pips, which would wipe out almost all “Cycle et nature” forex trader current profit generated over a period of 2 years, I am not happy with that situation. It is really disappointing that “Cycle et nature” Zulutrade signal provider decided to risk all his hard earned profit during 2 years trading career on Zulutrade, plus risking to loose reputation of being good trader on Zulutrade forex social trading platform.

Reason number 4:

Previously one of “Cycle at Nature” trade (opened on 16th march 2015) already went down to minus -440 pips down. Bertrand had lucky escape, because this trade finally turned out to close with only small loss of -26.9 pips. But this does not change the fact that “Cycle et nature” trader violates his own rules set in Strategy Description by not obeying stop losses and allowing opened positions to run well over maximum limit of 200pips into negative territory.

Zulutrade trader Cycle et Nature lucky escape from potentially huge losses

Accepted loss of 488pisp by Cycle et Nature zulutrade forex signal provider

So, I am extremely unhappy with all that. It is really painful and I would prefer not to do it, but considering all above, I decided to remove “Cycle et Nature” signal provider from my Zulutrade  copy portfolio. I would have to accept big loss of -488.8 pips, before real disaster potentially might happen. Now I have to look for someone else for substitution.




Next signal provider on my list is Forexray.

Let’s check how Forexray was doing during last week, profit from current opened positions is 10pips.

Forexray trader Zulutrade signal provider basic statistics

Such a pity, that right after I have added Forexray signal provider to my Zulutrade portfolio, he experienced loss of 235pips on 24th March 2015 by trading EUR/USD currency pair.

However, Forexray trader slightly compensated that loss in recent week, on 2nd of April 2015 taking small profit of 14.7pips by trading AUD/JPY currency pair.

Forexray zulutrade signal provider big loss plus small compensating profit

Currently Forexray has one open forex trade on EUR/USD currency pair with small profit 10pips.

So, regarding Forexray signal provider last week went well for him.

Let’s check another trader from my list, namely; Beyonder.

Beyonder Zulutrade forex signal provider basic statistics

Here is what happened last week, there were 3 trades executed by Beyonder zulutrade forex signal provider. On 31st March winning trade closed with profit of 23.8 pips by trading currency pair GBP/JPY, then there was one loosing trade closed on 2nd of April 2015 with loss of 68.4 pips by trading EUR/USD currency pair and finally there was one break even trade.

Week 3 open trades history for zulutrade signal provider Beyonder

Currently Beyonder have one opened GBP/JPY trade, which is in small loss of -26 pips at this moment.

Beyonder signal provider curently opened trade on zulutrade social trading network

So, no profit last week from Beyonder zulutrade signal provider.

Let’s check if Beyonder stick to his trading strategy description, yes, currently max opened trades 1, and during last week those 3 trades described above were not opened at the same time at any point of time. I would keep Beyonder signal provider in my Zulutrade copy trading portfolio.

Let’s analyse and check out “PooTumVV” trading performance last week, next trader on my list.

PooTumVV signal provider, current opened trades are with small profit of 9.6 pips.

Ohhh, look at table below, that is really cool! There were 2 trades conducted by PooTumVV forex signal provider last week on Zulutrade, both trades closed with profit, and both were opened on EUR/JPY currency pair, 1st trade in profit of 60.6 pips and the 2nd trade closed with profit of 55.2 pips.

PooTumVV zulutrade forex signal provider historical trades for week 3 update

Plus there is one opened trade with small profit of 9.6 pips.

PooTumVV open trade during week 3

I am happy with this trader for his last week trading performance. Also, he sticks to his trading strategy, only 1 trade opened at the time. (PooTumVV second trade was opened just immediately after closing the first one.) I definitely keeping  PooTumVV forex trader in my Zulutrade forex signal providers trading portfolio.

Finally, last trader on my list is “Mambo Trading” zulutrade signal provider.

“Mambo trading” trader currently has no opened trades. Last week “Mambo trading” had one loosing trade with loss of 104.4 pips while trading EUR/USD currency pair. Well, loosing streak happens from time to time, in absence of other warning signals in regard to “Mambo trading” I would keep this trader for time being.

Lets, summarize third week of my Zulutrade portfolio performance, trading experiment.

The only trader I am going to remove from my Zulutrade portfolio is signal provider from France Bertrand with alias “Cycle et Nature”. I have explained my reasons to you above. When I find new trader to replace him, I will obviously write an update for you.

The performance table is not looking very good, we can see many red numbers, but it has been only 3 weeks since commencing this copy trading experiment. Some signal providers had to be removed, we should be patient, because Forex trading is not a short run, it is long term game.


I had to remove “Cycle et Nature” Zulutrade forex signal provider. I took all his open trades losses plus one 70pips closed trade loss during third week, all losses together last week -560.80 pips with this French trader.

Because, he had some winning trades before, so overall total loss since beginning -412pips, which equals to -$41.45 expressed in USD

Perhaps you think I should wait for “Cycle et Nature” forex trader opened positions to close with profit or smaller loss, and then remove this trader. Yes, I agree it was another possibility, but if market keeps moving against him generating bigger loss, it would only create even bigger dilemma for myself, what to do with this forex trader. He is not using Stop losses, plus he keeps adding to his loosing positions, increasing risk of default. My rule is to remove any signal provider who is changing his strategy dramatically, so even if this move was painful, we have to accept the loss, remove misbehaving forex traders and move forward.

Last week, 2 traders from my list were profitable; Forexray +14.7 pips and PooTumVV +115.8 pips, however only PooTumVV is in overall total profit since beginning of this trading experiment.

Let’s give a little bit more time for those other traders, and give them a chance to prove that they are able to generate some profits.

Total losses of -761.59 pips mainly because accepting big loss of -412.2 pips from French forex signal provider “Cycle et Nature”

My starting balance was $1000 USD
Current balance $921.34 USD
So, my current return on investment is negative -7.87%

Let’s see what next weeks and months bring to us.

I have a new task to find good replacement for eliminated forex trader “Cycle et nature” Once substitute found, I will post an update and let you know who will be replacing Bertrand, French forex Zulutrade signal provider “Cycle et Nature”.

Ok, that is for now I hope you like those new video updates, I am not sure if I am going to do that kind of video updates every week, but if I would have time I try to do so, if not I would just publish a text update like before.

I wish you many successful trades.

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