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Copy Traders Exchange: TripleAFund Update #6

TripleAFundHere I am again with my 6th update about my people forex copy portfolio TripleAFund.
Today I have made one big decision to remove Tom Willacy from my copy trading portfolio. This copy trader was making me profit earlier this year, but since eToro introduced new stocks trading platform, Tom dramatically increased number of his trades which caused that my copy amount allocated to him was not sufficient to copy all of his trades, therefore my trading results started to be different than his.

Currently I am not willing to increase my amount allocated to a single copy trader, so my decision was to uncopy Tom Willacy.

In search for a new copy trader

Now I have to find a replacement for Tom which is not going to be easy task as TripleAFund has strict rules for choosing traders to copy. Also, as mentioned above, my allocated copy amount cannot accomodate 20 or 30 trades from a single copy trader. Thus I am in search for traders who do not trade very frequent but rather wait patiently for high opportunity trades.

As soon as I pick someone I will post another update so stay tuned.

My current TripleAFund portfolio:

1) 4exPirate
2) Declan Fallon
3) Also from time to time I also trade manually myself

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