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Beyonder: Top Forex Social Trader With ROI Over 1,000%

1000percentroiToday I would like to present you a very interesting top forex social trader Beyonder. First thing that caught my attention was his annualized ROI more that 1k %. To be accurate, currently it is exactly 1,143% p.a.

Next thing I like about this russian forex signal provider is number of his open trades. Beyonder doesn´t open more than one trading position at any given time.

Third fact that I like about him is his maximum drawdown which is only 8% (60 pips). That allows his followers to allocate only as little as $30 per each micro lot they set.
Speaking about his followers, the trader has been able to already attract 901 people who have invested money with him. These investors copy him with more than $1.5 million dollars.

Above facts are even more impressive when you take into account that Beyonder has achieved all of that after only short 19 weeks of providing his trading signals on one of largest social investment networks Zulutrade.

During that time Beyonder executed 76 trades (68 or 89% of them were winners) and secured 744 pips of profit.  That means in average he has earned 10 pips of profit on each trade.

The trader targets his focus only on two currency pairs. Majority of his trades were on GBP/JPY and some on EUR/USD. Worst trade up to this date was -62 pips.  If you are interested in his trading strategy, here is its description provided directly by Beyonder on his trading page:

Heart of the strategy is the system MACD. With the help of which we will determine the expected shift of the market. The strategy is most effective for determining the entry on any instruments traded mostly on a time-frame of H1-H4. Used a variety of options figures (patern) – developing a system MACD, as well as indicators of ZigZag, oscillator Elliott, Exponential Moving Average (8, 89, 200, 233, 365) and the Simple Moving Average (21SMA).


Altough Beyonder has been providing his trading signals on Zulutrade for a very short time he has earned a good respect. His trading behaviour and money management is very disciplined. For now I can say he is one of top forex social traders on investing network Zulutrade. If he continues this way he will probably become #1 in Zulu ranking sooner or later.

But anything can change as past performance is no guarantee of future profits, thus invest wisely only money you can afford to lose.

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