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Best Money Maker Rules Zulutrade Ranking And Signal Providers

Forex social trading and investing network Zulutrade has a new king. “Best Money Maker” from Poland is today number one among all signal providers on this popular network. His trading career on Zulutrade is very fast. It took him only 18 weeks to climb to the top of Zulu ranking.


Best Money Maker has earned 1,424 pips since the launch of his Zulutrade signal providers account. The trader sends his trading signals from FX Open demo account. His trading strategy complies with FIFO rule.

EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY and USD/JPY are only currency pairs he trades. According to Zulutrade, 71% of his trades are in correlated pairs.

Trading Strategy:

Here are few words about trading strategy posted directly by Best Money Maker:

Trade based on AT. I recommend the use of ECN brokers and leverage of 1:200 to 1:500. In one transaction risk 2-3% of the capital. I always use a Stop Loss. The minimum recommended capital to 0.01 lot is $ 300.

From my observations and analysis, the trader opens max 3 trades. He always uses Stop Loss.  Value of SL is between 20 and 50 pips.  The trader´s focus is on capturing profit at least 2, 3 or even 5 times more than his stop loss. Having said that, his reward to risk ratio is very healthy.


As it is seen from screenshot above, his worst trade was only -54 pips and best trade +235 pips.  Zulutrade states that Best Money Maker´s maximum drawdown is only 4% (62 pips). That is value for open trades only. If you want to know a real total drawdown, you should find it on equity line. So far it was about 180 pips, which is not bad either.

Potentional followers should bear in mind that Best Money Maker´s winning ratio is only 36%. So out of every 100 trades, you should expect 64 losing trades. So far, this trader had longest losing streak of 8 trades in a row. Of course, winning trades outweigh all losses plus bring additional profit.

Average profit per trade is 10 pips. This figure is calculated from all trades included losers.

Best Money Maker already attracted 835 followers who have in total invested over $2 million dollars.


In general, Best Money Maker´s trading style seems very professional. However, his trading record is only 18 weeks, which is very short, so I´ll watch his performance and update you in couple of weeks or months. If you consider following and copying this top forex social trader, Zulutrade recommends you to have at least $60 per each microlot you set.

Note: Past performance is no guarantee of future profits, therefore invest wisely and do not risk any money you cannot afford to loose.

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