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Best eToro Signals | Conor David Houlihan (Conhoulihan)

In this article I would like to present you on of the best eToro signals provider who is also one of the most copied eToro traders.

His name is  Conor David Houlihan  (alias Conhoulihan) and comes from United Kingdom.

Conor has been providing his eToro signals since 2016 and during that time he was able to more than double his trading capital and accrue more than two thousands copiers.

etoro signals1. Trader´s Introduction

Conor David Houlihan talks about himself as a low risk trader whose etoro signals will help you capitalize on undervalued stocks, tech stocks breakouts and some breaking news in the market.

Conor keeps a well diversified portfolio of techs and banking stocks with a mid term holding time.

One of the current etoro best traders uses sentimental, technical and also fundamental analysis to find undervalued stocks with potential to outperform market.

2. Trader´s Trading Performance

Conor has been providinh his etoro signals since 2016 and we have to admit he was doing very well because he was able to more than double his initial trading capital over the course of one and half year.

In 2016 Conor was trading only november and december but in 2017 he only had one losing month and achieved triple digits profit +128.94%.

So far this year his YTD profit is +10.39%.

As you can see his trading performance up to this date was above average.

3. Trader´s Risk Score

According to eToro´s risk score algorithm, Conor´s is 5 on a 10 scale.

He characterizes himself as a low risk trader but according to eToro´s algorithm I would say he is closer to medium risk level. At least in last three months.

If you decide to copy his etoro signals, based on historical data, you can expect to experience maximum drawdown:

– daily -4.74%
– weekly -7.47%
– yearly -19.84%

Of course these are historical data and future results can be different.

4. Trader´s Popularity

Conor David Houlihan is currently one of best etoro traders.

At least when it comes to number of people following or copying his trading activity.


Conor´s eToro signals are copied by 2.393 traders who put between $2 million and $5 million of their assets in his hands to manage.

Only in the last seven days army of copiers grew by 6.4% which is +144 of new people.


 5. Trader´s Favourite Assets

It has been said at the beginning of this article that Conor is mainly a stock trader who invests in techno or banking stocks that are undervalued and have a high potential to outperform the market.

So 85% of his trades goes to stocks and the rest are cryptocurrencies.

6. Pros and Cons

In this section I would like to shortly list couple of pros and cons of this trader so you can better decide whether you give him a chance to trade with your money or not.


– triple digit profit
– low to medium risk score


– short trading record on eToro


7. Last Words

Popular investor  Conor David Houlihan  (alias Conhoulihan) is currently among most popular and best etoro traders with thousands of followers and copiers.

Since the start of his trading career on social investment network eToro he was able to generate triple digits profits by trading undervalued stocks and some stocks. However let´s wait another year or two before and see how he will continue and if he can maintain his trading performance.


Warning: All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose. Past performance does not guarantee future results. This post is for educational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice

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