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Best eToro Investors Who Invest Mainly In Stocks

Social investing network eToro Openbook is well known mainly among forex traders and investors. But there are also very profitable investors who invest mainly in stocks.
Today I´d like to present you top5 stock traders according to eToro ranking for past 6 months. Below you can see a screenshot from the ranking. Click the image to get redirected to full statistics of these best performing traders.

investors investing mainly in stocks

It is quite interesting that all of them gained more that 300% during that period of time. By the way, this ranking results are based on the following criteria:

– min. gain 5%
– min. trades 5
– max. daily drawdown 10%
– min. weeks active 10%
– min. stocks 50%

If you are interested in detailed statistics, click here. You can also refine the search by selecting your own criteria.

Note: Past performance is no guarantee of future profits so invest wisely.

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