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Ayondo Allowed Real Money Traders To Share Their Trading Signals On Their Platform

ayondoAyondo allowed “real money traders” to share their trading signals on their popular social trading platform (other popular networks are eToro and Zulutrade). Previously their “Top Traders” could only do that from a demo account. Now, minimum funding is €1,000 or £1,000 and traders can send signals from a live ayondo markets broker account to ayondo’s customer base.

Top Traders with a real money account will also be highlighted with a special icon in the ranking list. Customers are also able to refine their search for “Real Money Traders only” .

This new release is great news, both for the top traders sharing their trades and ayondo customers who invest in them.

Professional traders normally trade with their own money. Hence, up until now, they had to trade twice, once on their live account and once on ayondo demo account. Now they can just trade from their live account and their trades will automatically be shared (and for UK customers this is from a spread betting account which is beneficial for them). Real money traders can expect more followers because ayondo customers will be more likely to follow a forex trader who risks their own money.

For ayondo’s customers this release is also beneficial because they can now follow traders who risk their own money on their own live account and so they can expect these traders to trade more carefully with proper risk and money management. However, as with any social trading network, the fact that someone sends signals from a live account is never a total guarantee and you should still look at all other performance stats when evaluating them.

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