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AutoCopy Best Binary Options Traders on Zulutrade

binary-optionsCouple of months ago Zulutrade launched a new fascinating product for binary options lovers. They are first to let people to autocopy best binary options traders.

Why you should trade binary options?

In this post I would like to talk about possibility to autocopy binary traders but there is a detailed article about advantages of binaries.

Just in short, many people consider binary options very cool because they are easy to trade. You just decide whether market goes up or down and choose your expiry time (15 min, 30 min, 1 hour or more).

When your time expires and price moved in your direction (even 1 pips is enough) you make around 80% of your investment. That´s right, for example you invest $100 that EUR/USD will move up in next 15 minutes. If you are correct, your profit is $80.

Congratulations, you´ve just earned $80 in just 15 minutes.

That is why so many people love binary options trading.  But if you are still not confident about your binary options trading skills, on Zulutrade you can easily autocopy profitable binary option traders. Here is a screenshot from Zulu ranking that is displaying top ranked binary option traders you can currently autocopy.


As you can see, best binary option traders are able to generate couple of thousands percent ROI. Visit Zulu binary ranking page to see actual top performers.

Note: Binary options bear a high risk. Past performance of these traders does not guarantee their future profits.
This article is for ilustrating purposes. We do not recommend any of these traders. If you decide to follow any of them you do so at your own risk. Never invest any money you cannot afford to lose.

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