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Aussie Investor: More Gains While Risks Remain Same

aussie-investor-zuluIt is time for some Zulutrade news. In this article we´ll review one of Zulutrade traders Aussie Investor. It has been 2 months since our last review of this signal provider. To better track his progress we´ll compare his pips earnings.

End of July 2014:
Pips: 744

End of September 2014:
Pips: 998

That is +254 profit in 2 months.  Maximum drawdown is currently 21% (206 pips). In average Aussie Investor makes 8 pips per trade.  Annualized ROI according to Zulutrade stats is 100%.


There are some changes in his trading style since our last review. Here is update from his page:

Dear followers, there will be a slight change in my strategy. From time to time, when my position catches a huge, clear trend, I will do the following. Once my position is 100 or 200pips in profit, I will move my stoploss to either break even or some profit level and let the position open to catch more profit. I will also open another position to benefit from the strong trend. Possibly, if the trend is big and long term I might repeat the process with another position. Please, note that your overall risk for that currency pair will never be more than 100 pips, no matter how many positions I open as I will always move my stops to secure area before opening new position. To benefit from this strategy you´ll need to change your settings and allow to copy more positions for same currency pair. I would suggest you to allow at least 10 open trades overall and 5 trades per single currency. I wish you happy and prosperous day

Aussie Investor also knocks on TOP100´s door and so he starts to attract some followers. So far there are only 6 followers, but this can improve if he advances in the ranking.


If you are interested how to convert pips earnings in real dollars, here is monthly gain chart from Myfxbook. It shows gain in % for each month up to date in 2014.



Another two months have passed and Aussie Investor shows continuos progress which already attracted couple of followers. The trader has changed his trading strategy a little bit, but there is nothing to worry about as overall risk stays same. Changes aim to benefit from strong and long trends. Simply said, he wants to let some of his winning trades run and earn more. Some of his trades are focused short-term (10 pips profit), some are medium-term (20-100 pips profit) and few are long term. (100+ pips profit).

Note: Past performance is no guarantee of future profits. Invest wisely. Do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose.

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