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Anna Serafini: Attractive Woman Forex Trader Has Reached 1000 Copiers Mark

annaserafiniIn my last post I briefly mentioned one interesting woman South African eToro trader Anna Serafini who is one of top trending investors. Today is her first anniversary on social investment network eToro.

Here is her post from yesterday:

Dear fellow eTorians 🙂
Tomorrow will be my one year anniversary with eToro and WOW what an amazing journey, experience and learning curve it has been. I want to thank all my copiers and followers for all your trust and support. What a perfect time to reach 1000. I’m looking forward to continue working with you all in the future. A big THANK YOU to each and everyone of you. Have an amazing week-end !

I think that over 1,000 copiers Anna has gained so far must be very satisfied with her trading performance. Just think about following numbers:

2014 profit: 70.41%
2015 profit: 72.90%

How about trading strategy Anna uses?

Here is her own description:

I trade full time on eToro mostly in currencies at low leverage. I try my best to trade safe, consistently and to minimize losses as much as possible, therefore some positions are open for longer periods. Patience here is the key to success!

Minimum to copy is $100.Set stop loss at 95% and DO NOT copy open positions in the GREEN!

New copiers test first with virtual money.

Thank you for your support. Good Luck and Green Trades!

Anna Serafini has made 138 trades in one year.  94.20% of those trades ended in profit. Most frequently traded currency pairs are USD/JPY, EUR/USD and AUD/USD.

If you decide to copy Anna Serafini you can expect to see around 3 trades opened on your account weekly. These trades will be in average held for 3,5 days.

I am really looking forward to see her trading performance in the next year.

Note: Past performance is no guarantee of future profits. Trading bears risk, therefore do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose.

1 comment to Anna Serafini: Attractive Woman Forex Trader Has Reached 1000 Copiers Mark

  • Siphamandla

    I follow her … so so so proud of Anna.
    Inspiring my heart … Good luck Anna, hope she enjoyed her day. We are etraders (etoro) forever!!!