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Andre Bauer: Copied By 800 Investors Gained 98% During Last 6 Months


Andre Bauer alias hyperbird has been doing really well during last six months. His trading activities on social trading network eToro has gained him 98% which attracted over 800 investors who currently copy his trades.

I have reviewed him in my video above, so just shortly here are main points to his trading strategy.

Andre is taking small consistent profits mainly on EUR/USD pair. His trades are medium leverage. More than 74% of weeks were profitable for him. I would define his trading system as scalping because he takes couple of pips profits. On the other side his stoploss is very wide, as far as I could see from his only open trade where he has set SL of 660 pips. I do not know whether he let his potential losers run so far or whether he has some kind of mental stop loss in his head. Anyway, up to this date, more than 98% of his trades were winners.

As I always remind my readers, social trading can be very rewarding and profitable, but remember that past performance is no guarantee of future profits, so invest wisely and do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose.

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