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AlexPlesk is Most Copied Trader on eToro

AlexPlesk, trader from Russia, is currently most copied trader on eToro. Exactly 8,294 people is copying his trading activity.

Why is that?

The reason behind his popularity is quite simple….in last 12 months his more than doubled his trading account on eToro. Also his performance is very consistent, in his 18 month record he had only one negative month. See yourself at the chart below.


Best thing about his impressive trading result is that he is not a risky trader at all. His overall risk score is 4, which is great. During last year his maximum drawdown was only -9,06%. 

It is no surprise that with trading record like that he has quickly accrued more than 8 thousand copiers and became the most copied trader on social investing network eToro.

Alex has made all together 623 trades which makes him a very frequent trader. On average he executes 11 trades every week and holds them for 3 and half weeks.

Almost 79% of his trades end up in profit. Alex also keeps a healthy risk vs. reward ratio whan his avg. profit 10,23% is higher than his avg. loss -6,50%.

Majority of his trades are stocks (80,34% ) followed by cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum..) and only few trades are Forex and commodities.

Last words:

There is no doubt that russian popular investor AlexPlesk has achieved very impresssive results in past 18 month and he deserves to be among most copied traders on eToro.

If you decide to copy trade Alex do so, but I would also suggest you to diversify your copy portfolio and do not invest all your money into copying Alex.  Last year was very favorable for stock markets as well as for cryptocurrencies but that doesn´t have to be the case for year 2018 or later.

Warning: Trading carries risk. Only risk capital you are prepared to lose. Past performance in not an indication of future results.

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