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Afraid of Demo SPs? Copy Live Account Traders On Zulutrade.

One thing most Zulutrade followers complain about is the fact that majority of signal providers on this social investing network use demo accounts to send their trading signals. Thus they do not need to worry about risking their own money and nothing stops them from using reckless trading methods if they want to.

Today I´d like to present you couple of signal providers trade their own money on live accounts. We can expect them to be more serious and reliable than demo accounts signal providers.

Here is the screenshot from Zulutrade advanced search tool.


There are 5 real money traders in Zulu´s TOP100 ranking who send their signals from live trading accounts. (You can recognize them by GREEN $ SIGN)

Best positioned is Absolute Piper from Greece. He is #8 in the Zulu ranking.  After 94 weeks of trading on Zulutrade he has been able to earn 4,100 pips. It took him 595 trades to achieve that. The trader opens max. 7 positions at the same time. 79% of his trades are winners. Regarding risk, his max. drawdown was 624 pips, that is 15% of his current equity.  He has 1,786 followers who copy his trades with $2 million on their accounts. It looks like they are very satisfied with his style as in average, user´s rating is 4 stars. Absolute Piper has live account with FXDD broker.

Right behind him, at position #9 is Enter Zone from Singapore. Despite his trading career on Zulutrade started only 12 weeks ago he already earned 1,100 pips. Even more impressive is the fact he managed to do so with a very low drawdown of 8% (82 pips). Enter Zone is a frequent trader as he has closed 248 trades during those 12 weeks.  The trader sends his signals from his live FxOpen account .

Nikolay_Z from Belarus has been with Zulutrade 71 weeks. During that time he has earned 859 pips. Altough his maximum drawdown was 40% of his current equity (345 pips), he sit at positions #28. Those who followed him from the beginning could realize 115% return on their investment. Nikolay send his trading signals from his live Weltrade account.

Next real money signal provider OrderTrader comes from the Czech Republic. He was also awarded with 4 stars users rating. His profit is 8,800 pips after 57 weeks. ROI is 175% and maximum drawdown during last year was 16%.  Currently he sits on position #32 with 342 investors copying his trading activity. OrderTrader sends his signals from his live FxPrimus account.

Last on our list is Sulton Weltreade PAMM from Tajikistan. His trading history on Zulutrade is very short, only 17 weeks. But he has already earned 2,700 pips which pushed him to position #71. Altough he is a live account trader (Weltrade), I would be careful and wait couple of weeks or months before copying him. His winning rate is 100% which is always a sign of high risk possibility.

So, these were real money signal providers who are currently in Zulutrade´s TOP100 list. If you decide to follow and copy any of them, just remember that past performance is no guarantee of future profits. Therefore do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose.

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