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Ada Trading System : #1 ZuluTrade Copy Trader Review

ada trading system forexWho is the top copy trader on social investment network Zulutrade in 2016?

It is Ada Trading System. This forex signal provider comes from Turkey and has been voted #1 by Zulutrade algorithm.

Here are quick stats:

Trading: 80 weeks
Profit: 128,582 pips
# Copiers (Followers): 3.146
Total $$$ Earned For Followers: $162.480

What his followers has to say?

Overall they gave Ada Trading System 57% rating, which stands for 3 stars out of possible 5. Is it enough or not? You decide. The trader was rated only by 65 live followers. It is not a significant amount given there is over 3.000 followers. (of course, many of them are demo copiers only).

Real World Example:

Let´s review what would you earn by copying Ada Trading System if you started to copy him 80 weeks ago.
Currently Zulutrade suggests you to have $2.702 per each microlot you trade (this is based on NME – Necessary Minimum Equity value).

So for better calculation example, let´s pretend your trading balance is exactly $2.702 and you copy this forex social trader with 1 microlot. During last 80 weeks Ada Trading System would bring you 128.582 pips which in your case  would be around $12.858 of profit!!! That means your initial trading capital would grow almost 5 times!!!

Not bad…

What would be the total risk?

During those 80 weeks, Ada Trading System´s maximum drawdown was 15.000 pips. Copying with 1 microlot, you would experience around $1.500 drawdown, which is 55% of your trading capital.

Is Ada Trading System worth copying?

Up to this date, Ada Trading System offered an opportunity to increase your trading capital by 5 times, risking 55% of your balance along the way.

The only person who can decide whether this Zulutrade signal provider is worth following or not is you. Based on your risk tolerance.

Note: Forex copy trading bears high risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future profits. Do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose.


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