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Absolute Piper: Live Forex Trading Star Among Demo Providers

Soon it´ll be 2 years since a greek forex social trader Absolute Piper began providing his trading signals on investing network Zulutrade.  Anybody can auto copy this trader and those who decided so can be more than satisfied so far.
Currently he is the only live trader in Top 10 on Zulu ranking.  Other nine traders send their trading signals from demo accounts only.


Absolute Piper  is a real example of profitable forex trading strategy and a proof that social trading and investing can work and earn money to followers. Up to this date, he earned in excess of half million dollars to his followers.
Another interesting figure in his trading statistics is ROI. It is 288% p.a.

What about his trading style?

Absolute Piper´s trading system is based on a mix of technical and fundamental analysis. He also like to trade in times of important economic news releases. That makes it easy for him to ride a strong market moves caused by sentiments of other traders.

In general, you can expect to have max. 4 (rarely 6) open positions at the same time. However, the trader limits his maximum drawdown to 500 pips.


Monthly Goal

Absolute Piper did set his monthly trading goal to 16%, which is very ambitious, but it looks like that he has been able to meet this goal for many months.

Maximum Drawdown

As of today, the signal provider has secured profit of 4,547 pips.  His overall maximum drawdown calculated from open trades was 624 pips which is currently only 14% of his equity. That sounds good.

Live Followers

As time goes, popularity of this forex social trader grows. It is proved by growing number of his live followers. Currently there are 2636 people following Absolute Piper. In total, these followers invested more than $3.3 million dollars. I think that this number will grow even more in near future.

Recommended Lot Size

The trader himself recommends you to allocate at least $250 per each micro lot. So if you intend to invest $1,000 you can safely trade 4 microlots.

Real Earnings Example

Let´s take a quick look at your possible earnings.  Absolute Piper has earned 4,547 pips in 2 years. As per his recommendation, let´s assume you have $1,000 to invest and so you set your lot size to 4 microlots.
4,547 pips equals to $454 per 1 microlot. So your real earnings would be 4 x $454 =  $1,816 in 2 years. That is 181% gain. Not bad at all.


In past,  there were couple of Zulutrade signal providers I liked very much. Many of them changed their trading behaviour to worse. Therefore I do not want to recommend anybody. However, Absolute Piper is currently my #1 forex trader on Zulutrade.

But anything can change as past performance is no guarantee of future profits, thus invest wisly only money you can afford to lose.

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