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89 Trades Winning Streak In 5 Weeks

hanehanes182realprofits182REALprofit” is a forex signal provider from the Czech Republic who has caught my attention today.


Well, first of all he is a real money signal provider, thus he executes all his signals on his own live trading account. Next, he was able to earn 1,079 pips in just 5 weeks. But what impressed me most was the way he did it.
This trader simply made 89 winning trades in a row! Great.

What is his secret?

That is a question only the trader himself can answer. All I can do is to look at his trading statistics to get some hint about his trading strategy. So far, maximum open trades at the same time was 3. In average, there is 12 pips profit per trade. Worst trade up to this date went  down -91 pips but ended 15 pips in profit.  Last month this trader took 60 trades. Mainly EUR/USD pair, but he also trades other pairs like GBP/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/GBP …. Pepperstone is a forex broker where hanes182REALprofit has his own live trading account. It appears he trades microlots on his trading account.

Key Factors To Consider

Potential investors and followers who wish to copy this forex social trader should consider these key factors:

1) StopLoss

Altough 89 trades winning streak and 1k pips profit in 5 weeks is very impressive, we´ve seen many trades to wipe such a profit in matter of hours or days. This trader has not mentioned his max. stop loss in his strategy description. As there were no losing trades so far, we can only guess for now. However, we´ll find out that sooner or later.

2) Maximum Drawdown

For now, it was -110 pips. But it can be much more in future. How much? Well, that goes hand in hand with stoploss size. Also it can grow if the trader opens more than 3 trades at the same time.

3) Lot Size

Current Necessary Minimum Equity stats on Zulutrade suggests you should safely trade 1 microlot per each $41 on your trading account. The trader himself recommends you to set 1 microlot per each $300.


Czech signal provider hanes182REALprofit is really interesting forex trader. One thing is for sure. He has caught my interest. I will monitor him closely and soon I´ll post update about his trading performance.

Note: Past performance is no guarantee of future profits so invest wisely.

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