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301% Profit & Diversification: TripleAFund Update #8

Here I am again with my 8th update about my people forex copy portfolio TripleAFund.

For safety purposes I have added a new copy trader to my portfolio. Christian Wittig alias Running Chris has made outstanding 301% profit in last 6 months.
Therefore I have decided to allocate 20% of my trading capital to him.

Running Chris

This move is adding more diversification to  my portfolio. My overall risk is now lower. Also a good reason for adding Running Chris to my portfolio is that he mainly trades indicis while my other traders focus more on currencies.

My current TripleAFund portfolio:

1) 4exPirate
2) Declan Fallon
3) Noa Strijbos
4) Running Chris
5) Also from time to time I also trade manually myself

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