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3 Ways To Make Money On Forex Even If You Do Not Know How To Trade?

etoro-10000-monthIf you would like to make money trading forex market but you do not possess all necessary skills, do not worry. I have a cool tip for you. In fact this can be the most fantastic and profitable tip you have received lately.

Here are 3 ways to make money on Forex even if you do not know how to trade:

1) Copy Best Forex Traders

Yes, if you do not know how to trade profitably yourself, simply copy the best forex traders. You can do so on social investing network eToro Openbook.  This way you can earn same profits as they earn. Cool, isn´t it?

2) Let People To Copy Trades You Copied From Others

This tip goes even one step further. You can create your own people based portfolio. For example, on eToro you will find 5 profitable forex traders and begin to copy them. As your performance stats improves, other eToro members and investors will spot you and become your copiers. They simply start to copy your trades….funny thing is that they will actually copy trades you have already copied from someone else.
And can make you additional income on top of your normal trading earnings. See #3).

3) Earn $10,000 Monthly As Popular Investor

Once you have gained at least 10 copiers (10 people copying you), you can apply to become a Popular Investor.  That is a very lucrative position where you can earn between $100 and $10,000 monthly. Your earnings depend on number of your qualified copiers….learn more about Popular Investor program.

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