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2015 Trading Performance: TripleAFund Update #10


Last year 2015 is gone and so it is time to review first year trading performance of my copy trading portfolio TripleAFund on eToro social investing network.

During past 12 months I have made couple of changes to my copy portfolio. Some forex social traders were removed due to reasons like: change of their social trading system or risky trading style.

I have also been trading manually, so TripleAFund is not solely copy trading account. It is mix of copy trades and my manual trading.

But let´s take a short look at 2015 trading performance results:

copy trading performance
December was not good at all, but overall 2015 was profitable. My account balance appreciated by 3.06%.
Not a big deal compared to many eToro popular investors. But remember that the idea behind TripleAFund is to provide a long term safe trading.

Anyway, I believe that year 2016 can be even more profitable, but let´s wait till the end of this year to see.

My current TripleAFund portfolio:

1) 4exPirate
2) Alvin de Cruz
3) Noa Strijbos
4) Running Chris
5) Also from time to time I also trade manually myself

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