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100% winning Forex trading strategy, real life example – inevitable consequences

100% winning Forex trading strategy, does it really exist?

In this article we would like to present you real life example of one Zulutrade forex social trader “hanes182REALprofit” from Czech Republic with 100 percentage winning trading strategy.

Also we would like to demonstrate eventual inevitable consequences, when forex traders aim at having 100% winning streak of trades and what finally happens in fact to their trading balance on their Forex trading accounts in a long run. You can either watch the video or read transcribed text article both below.


If you are looking for 100% winning rate strategies to implement for trading forex market, perhaps you would be disappointed to hear, because there is no such a thing, as “100% percentage winning forex trading strategy”. That kind of forex trading strategy might work for couple of weeks or even for couple of months but in long term trading I am afraid there is no such a thing. I would like to show you one real life example to support my words “100% winning forex strategy doesn’t really exist” based on performance of one forex signal provider “hanes182REALprofit” from Zulutrade forex social trading platform.

It was not long time ago, on 4th of March 2015, when I wrote an article “89 trades winning streak in 5 weeks”. The article is about one forex social trader from Czech Republic with a nickname “hanes182REALprofit” who really impressed me, because he was having 100% winning ratio on Zulutrade forex social trading platform. Zulutrade signal provider “hanes182REALprofit” took 89 winning trades in a row over a period of just 5 weeks. You can read the whole article on our blog by clicking this link.

But just in short I would like to remind you, I was writing in that article about Stop Loss issues, Maximum Drawdown issues, and Lot size issues. Because at the time of writing that article, there were no signs or any information in this trader strategy description about maximum stop loss, which this forex signal provider could have been using. That was already first important warning sign.

Never mind, lets have a look at this Zulutrade Forex signal provider recent performance in more details. Firstly, let’s check “hanes182REALprofit” Zulutrade signal provider basic statistic page. As you can see there are few big drawdowns, recently. I wrote my previously mentioned article about his 100% winning rate while trading Forex markets, on 4th of March. As we can see after publishing that article, he took few more winning forex trades, but at certain point suddenly he started to experience a number of huge draw-downs.

100% percentage winning forex trading strategy. Hanes182REALprofit basic statistics screenshot from Zulutrade.

What happened to Zulutrade forex signal provider “hanes182REALprofit” 100% winning trading strategy?

Well, he opened sell position 3 times on currency pair EUR/GBP around 11th and 12th of March. Exchange rate of EUR/GBP currency cross went up in opposite direction of his opened sell positions.

Gradually, draw-downs on those opened trades started to become bigger and bigger, resulting in big losses of around 300pips per each trade. Then “hanes182REALprofit” decided to close all those 3 trades accepting huge loss. (this time without waiting for trend reversal, like he was doing on a number of previous occasions) As we can see on image below, before opening those 3 unfortunate trades “hanes182REALprofit” account was 1445pips in profit, after those trades were closed his trading account was down to 506pips, which represented total loss on those 3 trades of almost 1000pips.

Forex winning trading strategy example. hanes182REALprofit closed 3 lossing trades

In another example, let’s have a look at this signal provider Currently Opened Positions. As we can see on the image enclosed below, this Zulutrade forex trader is experiencing big draw-downs again.

Hanes182REALprofit currently opened forex trades in 100% winning trading strategy example

So “hanes182REALprofit” Zulutrade forex signal provider equity chart looks like this (see image below). Of course he might still be able to close those opened trades with profit in the future, if he wait certain time for trend to reverse in his favour, who knows? But, equally well the trend might continue moving against him, resulting in possibility of wiping out all his trading capital.

Hanes182REALprofit equity curve showing, failed high rate 100% winning forex trading strategy

Another thing is that this Zulutrade signal provider stop losses are never set up. That was one of the reasons, why Hanes182REALprofit trader was able to manage to maintain 100 % winning forex trading strategy. Also when we look at his historical closed trades, some of them went drastically down generating big losses, one trade on GBP/NZD went down to -200 pips, closed later with tiny profit of only 9.9pips. One more example are his two recent trades on GBP/NZD, where one trade went deep in loss of -250pips, and the other trade went down to -300pisp. Then, he waited for market to reverse and finally took some small profit of 7.6 pips, and 50.5 pips profit respectively.

Example of failed 100 % winning forex trading system. Hanes182REALprofit previous trades screenshot.

In general, described above trading behaviour, is typical for most traders with 100% winning forex systems. But in a long run this type of 100% winning trading system is a recipe for disaster.

So, the idea behind this so called; “100% winning forex trading strategy” is not to use any stop losses at all, just to wait for trend to reverse and when the market turns in your favour then close trades with some small profit.

This particular Zulutrade forex trader “hanes182REALprofit” was able to maintain his 100 percentage wining trading rate for couple of weeks, other traders are able to sustain that type of strategy with extremely high winning ratio for much longer. Basically that type of winning strategy works on non volatile markets, without strong trends and big price movements in one direction. But once a big strong trend appears, and this new trend is against your currently opened positions, then you are in really big trouble, and many of your followers are in big trouble too, as a result. Although this Czech forex trader did not have many followers, but as we can see from existing comments on “hanes182REALprofit” profile on Zulutrade trading platform, those few who followed this Zulutrade forex signal provider are really not satisfied at all, followers are actually seriously pissed off!!!

“Not recommended, for this signal provider winning rate is more important than followers interest!!!”

Another comment from angry Zulutrade follower:
“I had to close two trades manually in order to prevent my account from sinking. I can’t recommend this Signal Provider”

One more negative comment:
“Enough is Enough!…I’ve had it with you & your careless trading…FORGET YOUR 100%…Learn HOW to trade properly!…Taking my losses and finally leaving with them, maybe you can afford such losses…many cannot!“

Zulutrade followers angry comments about Hanes182REALprofit 100 % winning ratio forex trading strategy failure.

Because “hanes182REALprofit” trader is real money trader, obviously it might be even more confusing for many Zulutrade followers. Many of his followers had seen that he was trading his own money (not paper trading with virtual money), because of that those Zulutrade followers could have thought, that this trader would trade responsibly and reliably. But as we could have witnessed recently, there can big big drawdowns, despite of that fact.

Zulutrade signal provider hanes182REALprofit real money trader dollar sign highlighted.

To summarize presented above real life example of 100% winning forex trading strategy failure.

As we could see in example above, forex trading strategy with such a high winning ratio of 100 % or near to 100% are not sustainable in long term, and in long run does not exist! Such a high percentage forex winning trading strategies usually involve high risk, and sooner or later results in significant losses.

If you decide to follow any forex signal provider who has 100% winning strategy or something close, numbers like 95%, 98% or something similar, be very very careful, think twice before you decide to follow such a signal provider.

Feel free to post comments.

Disclaimer: Remember, past performance is no guarantee of future profits. If you follow any signal provider or copy trader on any social trading network with real money you do so at your own risk. Invest only money you can afford to lose.

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