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10 Years of Trading Experience Is All You Need To Get To Top3 in Just 21 Weeks

centraliafxZulutrade is one of 2 largest social investing networks out there, but their ranking algorithm is well known for allowing reckless demo forex traders with super risky trading strategies to get to Top5 very fast. Many investors that are unaware of that lose a lot of money by following and copying these risky signal providers.

But sometimes, very talented and safe traders can get to Zulutrade´s Top3 very quick too.
That is the case of Italian trader behind nickname CentraliaFx.

It took him only 21 weeks and 146 trades to become #3 in Zulu ranking.

CentraliaFx states in his profile page that his trading team was established in 2002 and each of his team mates has at least 10 years of trading experience.

Well, for now, only I can say: CentraliaFx´s trading style is very impressive. But don´t take my words for that and let´s take a look at his statsitics together.

CentraliaFx´s Trading Results (after 21 weeks)

Total profit: 918 pips
Winning trades: 77%
Max. DD (open trades): 39 pips
Max. open trades: 2
Annualized ROI: 907%
# followers: 879
Amount following him: $813k

And here is a screenshot of his equity chart

equioty chart

So what do you think?

I think that when you review CentraliaFx´s performance by yourself, you will agree with me that at this moment this trader is absolutely amazing. But signal providers sometimes like to change their trading behaviour to worse for whatever reason, so in case you consider invest and copy this trader, do not get greedy and invest wisely.

Note: Forex trading can be risky. Past results are no guarantee of future profits. So do not risk any money you cannot afford to loose.


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