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#1 Zulutrade Alternative Competitor

alternative zulutradeZuluTrade launched way back in 2008 and today is one of the most famous copy trading networks out there. You can choose from over 40 thousands of signal providers to follow and copy. ZuluTrade’s massive popularity is mainly caused by the fact that the network allows traders and investors to select from a range of different brokerages. However, not everyone is a great fan of social investment network ZuluTrade. The biggest complain is that maybe 95% of all social signal providers on Zulutrade are demo traders and in a hunt for their commissions many of them use very risky trading strategies only to get to top of Zulu Ranking as quick as possible.

That is a reason why a lot of followers and investors are looking for Zulutrade alternative competitors. These days, number of social/copy investing networks is growing rapidly. New services tend to appear almost every couple of days. But majority of those Zulutrade alternative competitors are just copycats or of poor quality. So I am not going to waste your time with them. Instead, I would like to present you one social investment network that in my opinion is best Zulutrade alternative.  So let´s see why I think so.

eToro: #1 Zulutrade Alternative Competitor

eToro is almost of same age as Zulutrade and during those years became probably the world’s largest social copy network with more than 200,000 users. eToro differs from ZuluTrade, as it provides a far more complex social trading experience preferring connecting users, traders and social gurus with one another. You can imagine that as Facebook for traders and investors. Ok, that was a short introduction. Now let me tell explain you why I think eToro is #1 Zulutrade alternative competitor.

My main objective against Zulutrade are demo signal providers. As I have mentioned above, majority of signal providers on Zulutrade send their trading signals for demo accounts. Thus they can apply any risky trading system you can imagine without risking their own money. Their main goal is to make commissions from followers. If they blow their demo account, no worry. They simply start again with a fresh demo account. Many followers are not aware of this. They just want to make money fast and so they choose top earners from Zulu ranking to follow.

Because of this, etoro is better alternative to Zulutrade, because there are no demo signal providers. Of course, people can test eToro platform on demo account, but in that case nobody can copy them.

No demo signal providers is only one fact why in my opinion eToro is #1 Zulutrade Alternative Competitor.
There are more facts. Recently I have created one video where I explain 3 key factors that support my thinking.
You can watch the video below. Or if you wish, you can read a full transcript here: eToro vs. Zulutrade: 3 Reasons Why I Think eToro is Safer For Copiers

BTW, it is the right time to join eToro now as they offer generous 30% deposit bonus.

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